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Gippsland Fireplaces is a local family - owned business.

Our showroom is situated at 194 Argyle St Traralgon, adjacent to the Princes Highway at the eastern end of town. We have over 50 wood and gaslog heaters on display and our range of working model gaslog heaters is the largest east of Melbourne..

With Specialist knowledge, expert advise, creative suggestions, obligation free quotes and professional service to warm you in winter and cool you in summer-what more could you ask - Gippsland Fireplaces your heating and cooling specialists.


Free standing and inbuilt woodheaters

Free standing and inbuilt gaslog heaters

Ducted gas central heating

Ducted evaporative cooling


Full installation of all heating and cooling appliances sold - if required

Service, Repairs and Spare Parts

Obligation Free quotes

Instalation Kits are also available for all products


Using energy from the sun, nature's carbon cycle goes around, from the atmosphere to the forest and back. Here is how it works. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air as they grow. In fact, about half their dry weight is this absorbed carbon. As old trees die and decay, or are consumed in a forest fire, their carbon is again released to the air as carbon dioxide. This is nature's carbon cycle.

When firewood is used as an energy source, part of the natural carbon cycle is brought into our homes to heat them. A fire on the hearth releases the solar energy stored by the tree as it grew. If the entire fuel cycle is considered, a clean burning fireplace will heat your home more efficiently and with lower environmental impact than any other fuel option.

The other fuel options — oil, gas and coal — are fossil fuels, and when they are burned, old carbon that was buried deep within the earth is released to the atmosphere. The rising concentration of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel use is linked to global warming, climate change and the unusual weather we've seen in recent years.

A wood fire does not contribute to global warming because no more carbon dioxide is released than the natural forest would release if left untouched. Using wood for heat means less fossil fuels burned, less greenhouse gas emissions, and a healthier environment.




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