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We travel Gippsland installing heaters and coolers.

Ideal installation.....
Heater is placed in central position.
Flue system runs straight up and out.
Flue system is unobstructed by trees or other objects.
Installation is carried out in accordance with AS2918.
House is insulated.

Zero Clearance

Installations allow you to install a gas log or wood burning heater into a combustible wall.
This can be done by either purchasing a zero clearance heater or a zero clearance box to suit the particular heater. This means that you do not require a brick chimney to install an inbuilt heater.
However not all brands of heaters on the market fit these requirements.
Installing an inbuilt heater also allows you to add a mantle piece or period-style cast-iron fascia if you wish.

gippsland fireplaces

zero cearance

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